Wine Appreciation Group

Are you interested in discovering the world of wine in a fun and friendly way?  Do you enjoy tasting and chatting about it?  If so, then please come and join us!  We meet every four to six weeks on a Monday evening, to suit the majority, when everyone brings a bottle of wine according to the chosen theme for the evening (such as wines from a particular country or region, or maybe two different grape varieties), along with a small savoury snack.  We usually taste a maximum of eight wines, 40ml of each one, and tasting glasses are provided.  As there are can be as many as a dozen bottles, any unopened ones are saved – when there are eight, we have a blind tasting, just for fun. 

So if you enjoy wine and want to learn a little more please, get in touch with Sam and Wendy by phoning 01904-500-462 or emailing   Definitely no previous knowledge is required – just an interest!