Wine Appreciation Group

Are you interested in discovering the world of wine in a fun and friendly way?  Do you enjoy tasting and chatting about it?  If so, then please come and join us!  We meet every four weeks on alternating weekday night.

So this is how it works. A different member of the group will host each meeting. Tasting glasses are provided and these, after that meeting host has washed them up, will be passed onto the next evening host. As the host of the evening, you can decide on the number of people you can accommodate; you have the chance to choose the theme of that evening; you provide some bread and/or savoury biscuits. 

When attending bring along a bottle of wine and a small savoury snack. The wines will be opened and tasted in turn, the host may choose to pour or the bottle is passed round to be poured by the individual this can be decided once everyone has arrived. A WhatsApp group of members will be set up so each person can let the host know if they are attending that evening or not.

We usually taste a maximum of eight wines, so if the number exceeds this they are put aside for a blind tasting at a future meeting. 

So if you enjoy wine and want to learn a little more please, get in touch emailing  Definitely no previous knowledge is required – just an interest!