Craft Group

Interested in being part of a community craft group?  Getting help with current projects?  Learning new skills? Maybe sharing ideas for future events from your day-to-day experience of living in Derwenthorpe?

Currently meeting through Zoom once a month this small group of residents has, in the past, worked together on various local projects to help celebrate community events and life in Derwenthorpe.

To learn more and for an invitation to join us on Zoom (3.00 pm to 4.30 pm every third Sunday)

Past Projects:

For  International Women’s Day 2018, celebrating 100 years of female developments here and overseas, we created  bunting in Suffragette colours.  

We created a banner for the annual BIG PICNIC held outside the Energy Centre building.

We also created the Christmas Bunting that adorned the Energy Centre, along with the lovely Derwenthorpe Aglow window art this year.

Who knows what will happen next?  We hope, sometime in the future, to find ourselves opening up the SSC (Central Energy Centre) on Sunday afternoons to craft together!  Something to look forward to, as and when…

In the meantime please do join us 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm every third Sunday of the month on Zoom.  

Bring along your own project or current creation, and help us develop ideas for future landmarks in the life of this new, lively community! It’ll be good to see you and hear what you’re up to!

To learn more and for an invitation to join us on Zoom please email

  • Veg stall banner

    We, the craft group, are currently working on another banner for whenever Joe’s Sunday fruit and veg stall returns. It‘s a work in progress but you can spot some samples of veg, fruit and wildlife on display in members’ windows around the estate.

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