Planning consents

If you want to do work on your house, like loft conversions or extensions, you’ll need planning consent from City of York Council, and also permission from JRHT. Note that JRHT ask for full drawings.

You might want to look at some previous examples, like these:

Loft conversions

You might not need permission. Some houses have original plans that include an option for an extension into the roof. In that case, check with JRHT and the Council (because I haven’t). But even if you do need new permissions, you could just use these drawings. I haven’t checked all the drawings, but several two storey types on Lotherington and Seebohm quarters have such drawings. Check the “site layout” in the application below to find your house type, then check the drawings for your house type. Most of the loft conversion drawings I’ve seen are in type B houses (B1..B5)

Loft conversion with 2 rooflights to rear in Seebohm Mews. A 2 storey, three bed house adding a bedroom and en-suite in the “cold” loft, with eaves storage.

Loft conversion with 4 rooflights to front and 2 rooflights to rear in Seebohm Mews. A 2 story, three bed house adding a bedroom and en-suite in the loft, with eaves storage.

Loft conversion with 2 dormers to rear and 1 rooflight to front. A 2 story, three bed house adding a bedroom and en-suite in the “cold” loft, with eaves storage. Oddly, not described as a loft conversion by CYC.


Single storey rear extension to 2 storey house on Derwent Mews.

Single storey rear canopy extension to 3 storey house on Derwent Mews.

Looking for planning documents? They include design plans for your house, site plans, landscaping plans, and some of the thinking behind Derwenthorpe. Some two bedroom houses even have plans for a third bedroom in the loft!

Original plans.

Here we’ve included most of the main planning applications relating to Derwenthorpe, and some smaller ones. Please let us know if we’ve missed anything!

Outline, Energy Centre and Pilots

03/02709/OUT Outline application – the overall scheme

08/02757/FUL The Energy Centre

10/00202/FUL | Change of use from grazing land to domestic garden and footpath | 54 Temple Avenue

Two pilot houses were built in Temple Avenue – these aren’t on the district heating network. And a neighbouring house was upgraded to a low carbon specification.

08/00844/FUL Two detached dwellings, Land Lying To The North East Of 52 Temple Avenue York

Phase 1 – Stephenson Quarter

07/02789/REMM 64 dwellings (phase 1)

Phase 2 – Lotherington Quarter

The lake had to be reconfigured, due to the location of a sewer from Osbaldwick.

12/00242/REMM details of 123 dwellings (phase 2) Note that the site layouts were superseded, but your house drawings may be in this application.

12/01286/REMM phase 2 landscape

13/02279/FULM phase 2 revised layout. Some new house types can be found here. Confusing, I know!

Phase 3/4 Seebohm and Rowntree

Phases 3 and 4 got their consents together. Two houses were later added to Seebohm.

12/01878/REMM phase 3 & 4 (343 dwellings) reserve matters

Phase 3 window alterations

2016 Conditions Phase 4

Phase 3/4 revisions:

Some houses were relocated on Rowntree to avoid the electricity pylons, when it proved impossible to get permission to underground them:

16/00342/FULM 36 dwellings Phase 4 revised layout

15/01825/FUL 19a and 19b Derwent Way – these aren’t on the district heating network.

Phase 5 – name to be confirmed!

These will not be on the district heating network.

18/01778/FULM Erection of 40 dwellings with associated roads, landscaping and public open space (revised scheme) | Land To The North And East Of Grid House Metcalfe Lane Osbaldwick York

JRHT are negotiating details of a contract, with Evans Homes Ltd (Company number 06006469).

Burnholme estate

This isn’t Derwenthorpe, but it’s on our doorstep.

20/01916/OUTM Erection of 83no. dwellings, including 5 self build plots (see “TERRACES SITE PLANS”: terrace 5). There’s more about the application on the council’s web site. Also, a notice that the application has been approved (now removed!), but I’m told that’s not quite right. It’s been deferred pending further consultation.