Governance is about how group decisions are made. At Derwenthorpe, there are several ways that residents, and others can have a say in things.

Residents’ Groups on Derwenthorpe

There are a few voluntary groups, who meet to help build our community. What are they called? And what do they do? Click the headings, for more details.

The DRA (Derwenthorpe Residents’ Association)

Open to all – to support the needs of all residents. The DRA meets regularly and its day to day work is done by the elected core team. Works closely with DGG.

DGG (Derwenthorpe Governing Group)

A body of 5 elected residents and 5 JRHT staff members, meeting quarterly to govern the Derwenthorpe site. Similar to a school’s Governing Body. 

DPAC (Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee)

A sub-group of the DGG, which deals with problems arising from construction work, and can give grants from the “community fund”. Its members are JRHT staff, City of York councillors, a resident from each Quarter of the estate, and one Tang Hall resident rep. (because site traffic passes that way). Meets just before DGG meeting.

CAN (Community Activity Network)

An open group of residents who meet monthly to help and support social activities on Derwenthorpe.

All residents can attend all these meetings.