Birds on the lake

A guide to birds on our lake.

Our lakes are fantastic. They take runoff from our homes, save on our water bills, prevent flooding, and are homes to a variety of water birds. Here’s a guide to some of the birds on our lakes. You’ll see Canada Geese, and Black Headed Gulls, and others too.

You might also see a kingfisher feeding – especially when the beck is murky.

5 replies on “Birds on the lake”

This is great Ian. Some really impressive photos here. And such a nice idea to catalogue all the different wildfowl that share the lakes with us.


Just seen this sight. I am a regular visitor to the lake- beautiful place. Good to see all the birds.The swans are great – really miss them now they’ve gone for the winter. Does anyone know where they go ? They’re not at the University lake & seems mute swans don’t migrate.
Any idea where they go from Osbaldwick for the winter?


That’s a good question, as they’re common throughout the UK, throughout the year. I don’t know, but I’d guess that they take their young away in search of pairing opportunities.


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