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Our latest posts:

Lockdown Banner

The Derwenthorpe Lockdown Wall Hanging, was unveiled at the Derwenthorpe Arts Festival. It was created by Derwenthorpe crafters during lockdown. Many hours of work went into the banner, which depicts many aspects of Derwenthorpe during lockdown, through the four seasons of 2020: from Zoom craft group meetings, to Christmas decorations, spring flowers and summer cygnets. […]

Wine group

After a short break, the wine group is being relaunched, refreshed and revamped – thank you to everyone who came forward and shared their ideas and enthusiasm!  It’s being organised in a different way, but it’s still about enjoying and learning about wine in a fun and friendly way.  The first meeting will be on […]

Pond maintenance works

JRHT are planning works on the ponds at Derwenthorpe, during 2022. DRA has been asking for some of this work –for example stabilisation of the banks– for a long time, so we’re pleased to see it going forward now. If you have any questions about the works, please email, and we’ll put the questions […]

AGM: Wed 18 May 2022

The Derwenthorpe Residents’ Association’s Annual General Meeting (DRA AGM – see why we do acronyms?) will be back in the Energy Centre, at 7:30pm on Wednesday 18 May. Full agenda and papers will be available at The agenda, minutes of 2021 AGM, and Core Team report are already available. See the “Next Meeting” link. […]

Derwenthorpe Action on Climate Change: Solar Panels Update

Sadly, there’s an energy crisis on top of the climate crisis. Though we’re not, here in Derwenthorpe, individually on gas, buying electricity isn’t immune from generally spiralling energy costs. If we can generate our own electricity, using solar panels, then we’re off that escalator. It costs to install them, but you save money in time. […]

Derwenthorpe Arts Festival Photos

Earth Day Art Lantern Parade Art On The Railings Painted Stones Trail Photo Competition The theme for the competition was “My Happy Place” Stalls On The Green Origami Workshop Refreshments Lockdown Wall Hanging Musicians St Aelreds Players DAFT (Some of the festival team)

DGG and DPAC meet Wednesday

Hi, Derwenthorpe Governing Group (DGG) and Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee (DPAC) are meeting next Wednesday evening in the Energy Centre on May 4th – Star Wars day! The first meeting starts at 6:30 pm. Full details, including published papers are available on our web site at Note that we’re trying out instead of […]


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