Derwenthorpe is run by a slightly complicated set of people. Here we try to explain how that works.

The estate was developed by Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT), and built by David Wilson Homes (DWH). DWH are still completing some landscaping, and are still responsible for snagging some things.

JRHT own some rented properties, and some shared ownership properties. They also have a covenant with each home owner, restricting what home owners can do with their properties.

JRHT own all the shared landscape, including lawns, trees, and the two lakes. DWH still maintain some of that land, while they’re completing the works.

There’s a Residents’ Association: DRA. We run this web site, and we elect a core team annually, to represent residents to JRHT and other organisations. The core team consists of up to ten members, who are all residents. We can help residents deal with issues that they can’t deal with alone. For example, we’ve had the fence around Lotherington Lake replaced with one that permits better views of the lake.

The Community Activity Network is an informal group that meets regularly to encourage and support community activities within Derwenthorpe. The DRA supports CAN: in part by handling money and insurance for them.

There’s also a Derwenthorpe Governance Group (DGG), which looks at high level (strategic) issues. It consists of five residents, and five JRHT staff. Its terms of reference were agreed between JRHT and the DRA. It’s a new group, designed to help talk at a higher level.

DGG has a committee (Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee) , which is a meeting of JRHT, the community, and City of York Council. It was originally established as a condition attached to the planning consent for Derwenthorpe. So, it’s actually the oldest of all these committees. It oversees the development, and also considers “community fund” grant applications. Recently, it’s also started to look at expenditure of the section 106 monies. That’s a sum of about a million pounds that was given to the council for education, off-site recreation, and transport costs. Much remains to be spent.

We’ll put up pages for each of the residents’ groups. In the mean time, you can see past meeting minutes on our old web site at

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