Every year, we run elections for the Core Team and (since 2019) the Derwenthorpe Governing Group (DGG). Our constitution has the full rules for elections, and gives the Core Team flexibility to work out the details.

Core team members

The core team has up to ten members, but (up to 2021, anyway), there have never been more than ten candidates to choose from: so we’ve not needed to run a vote.

When short on numbers, the Core Team can co-opt (appoint) additional members to make up the numbers. There are often vacancies, so if you’re interested, then get in touch.

The current core team is listed at derwenthorpe.co.uk/coreteam

DGG members

In 2019, we needed to choose five residents to represent us all on the DGG. We did get more than five candidates, so we did actually have to run a vote at the 2019 AGM. Elections for DGG are held by the DRA, and organised by the core team, in the same way as elections to the core team.

You can find the membership on the DGG page: derwenthorpe.co.uk/dgg

Next elections

In 2020, elections were delayed due to Covid-19. They should have occurred in May. In April, the core team decided that the constitutional requirement to “safeguard the interests of residents” was more important than running an election, so we decided in April to postpone the elections til 2021. The next elections will be in 2022.

The next elections for DGG will be in 2024, unless a vacancy occurs before then. In that case, there will be an election at the same time as the next Core Team election. The vacancy may be filled in the mean time by co-option.

If you’d like to consider standing for election to either the Core Team or the DGG, please contact us. We’d be happy to talk to you about standing, and we always welcome new interest.