We’ve set up the “Derwenthorpe Neighbour Support Network” to safely help anyone who lives on Derwenthorpe who may be isolated or worried.

We’ve recruited over 30 volunteers living on Derwenthorpe who can offer bits of shopping, dog walking or a friendly chat on the phone. We’ve helped a few people, but anticipate that more will need help in the coming weeks. If advice or health support is required we will refer to an appropriate local voluntary group or statutory agency.

We have a phone line for anyone to call or leave a message and a small group of coordinators in each quarter of the development to match the resident who needs help with a volunteer who also is a local resident.

We also have developed links with local voluntary sector organisations and York City Council.

Note: Information will be held by the Residents Association core team and Derwenthorpe Neighbour Support Network. We may share information with volunteers. We will not pass your information to third parties without your explicit consent.

If you need help, leave us a message on this number, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. This number is NOT for emergencies.


If you live on Derwenthorpe and want to get involved in providing support please email or fill out the form below.

Useful links:

City of York Council (volunteering)- UK GovernmentNHS

World Health Organisationmyth busters


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If you can help, please provide your contact details here.

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