District Heating

Derwenthorpe has a District Heating scheme, which is designed to burn wood chip, and gas. It’s run by Veolia, and if you have a fault that means you’re not getting sufficient heat or hot water, then you should contact them. Veolia use a company called Switch 2 to handle billing for them.


For all enquiries, breakdowns and problems, phone the Derwenthorpe help line (see below).  This number is available to report emergencies 24 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Out of office hours, you will hear a recorded message about any known faults, and can hang on to report an emergency.

Veolia Energy & Utility Services UK plc
PO Box 3920
Swindon, SN5 1BW


Veolia set the prices, according to a strict formula. Prices are reviewed every March. Your standing charge will increase by RPI, while the energy cost is calculated to recover costs and allow a fixed profit margin. The calculation is checked annually by the residents association.


For billing enquiries, contact Customer Services at Switch 2 by phoning 0333 321 2010,  emailing customerservice@switch2.co.uk , or using the contact form on their website.

Online billing is available through the Switch2 resident portal.


The system isn’t very efficient, It’s effective, and most people find that their houses are warm enough. But the system loses so much heat to the ground that we’re probably burning more gas than if we had individual gas boilers.

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