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Landscape walkarounds

During September and October, Dan Booth (Parks and Landscapes Manager, JRHT) and his team will be holding a series of walkarounds around the community.   

The purpose of these walkarounds is to provide residents with the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns about landscaping directly with Dan and his team. As well as the opportunity for residents to share ideas about the future of landscaping within Derwenthorpe.  

Each week, the walkaround will focus on a particular area within the community, all starting at 1.00 pm from the energy centre, except Rowntree starting the substation on Meadlands Mews. It is anticipated the walkabouts will take no longer than one hour.

16 September ~ Lotherington, including Lotherington Avenue, Lotherington Mews and Temple Avenue

30th September ~ Seebohm, including St Aelreds Mews, Seebohm Mews, Derwent Way and Derwent Place

7th October ~ Rowntree, including Holly Close, Meadlands Mews and Pearson Place

14th October ~ Stephenson, including Derwent Mews and Derwent Way

Residents are encouraged to come along.   If you have any questions about the walkabouts, please contact Dan Booth at 


JRHT annual meeting TODAY

My apologies for an error in yesterday’s post. The JRHT annual meeting is TODAY (Thu 9, 4:30 pm). On Zoom.

Resister here for a Zoom link.


Central Square update

You’ll know that the biggest issue at Derwenthorpe right now is the state of Central Square. JRHT are doing another consultation – this time on the short term future of Central Square.

To recap, we’ve already had some big wins on Central Square. Your resident representatives on DRA and DGG have had many meetings with JRHT, with the following great results:

  1. It was going to be used for construction of phase 5 (about two years). That’s no longer the case: phase 5 works are going to be contained within the phase 5 site (apart from delivery traffic, of course).
  2. It was going to be used for road works on phase 1 (about nine months). The preferred option now is to restrict works on phase 1 to phase 1 itself.
  3. JRHT have agreed to minimise the use of storage depots: preferring to deliver materials directly to their point of use. That’s a bit more work for contractors, but a lot less disruption for residents.

Now, there are still some works required on the roads alongside Central Square (raising road levels, and finishing the roads in front of the flats). It makes sense to use the Central Square compound for those works, but only about one third of the space is required.

So, JRHT are asking how people would like that to work. Tomorrow (Tuesday 7 November), they’ll be presenting some options at the Energy Centre, at 2pm and 6pm. Please be there to have your say on how this work can be done with minimal disruption.

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Even more hay making

Join us on Wednesday 8th September, anytime from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm on St Aelreds meadow for another session of scything and raking. No experience is needed and everyone is welcome. Contact Wendy at if you want any more information about this, or anything else to do with the nature group.

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More haymaking!

There will be another opportunity to help make hay on St Aelreds Meadow on Saturday 28th August from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm. As always, come along for as little or as long as you want, or just to say “hallo”. No experience needed, and everyone of all ages is very welcome. Contact Wendy at if you want anymore information, otherwise just turn up.

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Make hay while the sun shines!

Do you want to help make hay? And hopefully enjoy some sunshine! Then pop along to St Aelreds Meadow (formerly known as “the sheep field” on St Aelreds Mews on Tuesday 17th August when staff and volunteers from St Nicks along with JRHT gardening staff will be mowing, and would love some help from us to do some raking. No special skills are required, just some energy and enthusiasm. They’ll be working from 9.30 am until 3.30 pm, but as always you can just pop along for as long as you’re able even if it’s only half an hour, or just stop by to say “hallo”. For more information contact Wendy at


Free kids fun in Hull Road Park

On Mondays, York City Knights will be visiting Hull Road Park (just over Tang Hall Lane), with free inflatable sessions, mobile skatepark sessions, rugby sessions and multi-sports sessions. They’ll be at other places around York, too.

Registration is required, but the sessions are free. Find out more, and register.

Future Knights All Venues Poster.png

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Developing a landscape strategy

Developing a landscaping strategy for Derwenthorpe

This summer will see the start of community research to help develop a vision for the sustainable long term future management of all of the outdoor spaces at Derwenthorpe. Abbie and Roger will be attending events and talking to residents to help gain a better understanding of the things that people like about the Derwenthorpe landscape, the things they don’t like and their ideas for the future. 

Abbie said:

“This will be an important first step towards developing a comprehensive plan together and we hope to talk to people of all ages and backgrounds.”

People will be encouraged to chat, draw pictures, write thoughts down, take photos, video clips, etc. so please do stop and chat to them if you see them out and about. 

JRHT are working with the Derwenthorpe Governance Group (DGG) and Derwenthorpe Nature Group (DNG) to develop the landscape strategy. You can contact us with your thoughts or to express interest in participating via the following channels:

By email: or (Chair of the Derwenthorpe Governing Group)

JRHT Facebook:

Derwenthorpe Residents Association Facebook:


DPAC and DGG meet Wednesday

Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee and Derwenthorpe Governing Group will meet on Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. respectively.

Details of the meeting, including the full agenda and papers for both, and the Zoom link, are now available from the DGG page.

There will be updates on plans for phase 5, including an opportunity to look at a draft Construction Traffic Management Plan. We’ll also have the latest on plans for road upgrades.

Please do Zoom in to find out how the plans are evolving, and to have your say. The plans are not fixed yet!

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Osbaldwick Village closure.

The following is (roughly) what the City Council (or maybe it was their contractor WSP) said about the nine-week closure of Osbaldwick Village. I’ve clarified with them that it should be possible to access Stevenson Quarter from Osbaldwick Lane throughout the works. And then I’ve edited this text for clarity. Do expect some disruption, but remember you should be able to get in and out of Derwenthorpe via one end of Osbaldwick Village or the other.

“City of York Council will be carrying out maintenance works on Osbaldwick Village commencing on 2nd August 2021 for a period of 9 weeks (weather permitting). The works will be carried out between 9.15am till 5.00pm working Monday to Friday only.

In order to carry out the work safely, the first 3 weeks of the works (2nd – 20th August) are going to be carried out under a full road closure, in two phases: phase 1 will be from the junction with Derwent Way up to the junction with Galligap Lane and phase 2 will be from the junction with Osbaldwick Lane up to the junction with Derwent Way.  

The following 5 weeks (23rd August – 24th September) will be carried out under local traffic management with the use of ‘stop and go’ traffic control boards … to manage lane closures.

The final week (27th September – 1st October) will be carried out under a full road closure for resurfacing.”

As I understand it, the works are necessary to correct drainage problems due to an incorrect camber on the road.

Sadly, WSP’s most up to date map doesn’t include Derwenthorpe. But they say Derwenthorpe residents have been considered in the planning of the closure.