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Great British Spring Clean

Thank you to everyone who joined our community litter pick on Tuesday 1June. Fourteen residents came along, helped by David our caretaker and Sally another JRHT member of staff. Thanks also to the City of York Council for lending us litter pickers and supplying bags. And not forgetting the other residents who regularly litter pick independently, and help keep our estate clean and tidy.

Before we filled our bags!
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Nature Group work sessions

We’ll be out and about again in our new blue hi-vis jackets on Wednesday 2nd June and Thursday 3rd June, 9.00 am until noon. Meet outside the energy centre at 9.00 am, but if you want to pop along later you’ll find my phone number in a window, so you can track us down. You don’t have to start at the beginning or stay until the end. Everyone is welcome. We’re not sure exactly what we’ll be doing yet, but it won’t be anything too energetic! If you want to join us please contact me just before so I can let you know what garden tools you’ll need, such as shears, hoes, hand forks, trowels, secateurs. We’ll be working without Adam and his team this time, so there won’t be any spare tools. Please wear gloves and observe social distancing. For more information contact Wendy at

A few photos to show you what we we got up to last time ~

Development DGG DPAC

DPAC/DGG – meeting papers

Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee and Derwenthorpe Governing Group meet on Wednesday 19th May.

Join Zoom Meeting

DPAC – 18:30 – 19:30

DGG – 19:45 – 20:45

Among other things, we’ll be discussing Central Square, grants, landscaping, and heating charges.

You can find the full agendas, and papers, at

All residents are welcome to attend. You’ll find a Zoom link at on the day. Please switch your camera on, and change your Zoom name as you’d like it to appear in the minutes.

abc:derwenthorpe CoreTeam Development DGG DPAC

Petition update

Last Thursday, we submitted our petition on Central Square to JRHT. On Friday, they asked us for a meeting, which we held yesterday (Monday), including representatives from the DRA core team, DGG, ABC:D, and DPAC: 

We discussed two things:

1. Central Square. We want them to stop using Central Square as a builders compound. This is perhaps the most densely populated area of the estate. JRHT had discussed some ideas around this and had some helpful proposals. We discussed their ideas and some of our own. JRHT are going to investigate some details of the options that were discussed. We hope to see some firmer proposals in the next couple of weeks and to have some better news – particularly for residents of Barron House and Newman House.

2. An earlier paper that we’d submitted about communications. JRHT were keen to get on with all the things that we’d specifically asked for in that paper, including the resumption of development liaison meetings that had been suspended during lockdown. These are liaison meetings between the DRA core team, JRHT, and the builders – to track issues with the build. In the past, we’ve used them to get things like sagging porches sorted across the estate, and MVHR reinstalled across Stephenson Quarter (phase 1), for example. We’re also looking forward to a more regular JRHT presence on the estate, and to regular JRHT reports in LotsOn.

Some details still need to be discussed, but we’re hoping these things will start this month. 


Spring clean

Join the Community Litter Pick, Tuesday June 1 2021 at 10am, at the Energy Centre. Everyone welcome, including accompanied children. Equipment provided, but please wear gloves.

Contact for more information.


Great British spring clean

A date for your diary – Tuesday 1 June. As part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign and their Great British spring clean, come along and join a community litter pick. Meet at the energy centre at 10.00 am. Litter pickers, including some child-sized ones, and bags will be provided, but please wear gloves. Many of us are already doing litter picking, so this would also be a great opportunity to find out who we all are! Everyone is welcome, including children accompanied by adults. For more information contact Wendy at

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Nature Group Work Sessions

Spring is here so come and join us on our next sessions with the JRHT gardening team. Everyone is welcome. This is the programme ~

9.00 am until noon Tuesday 4 May ~ more work to rejuvenate some of our LAPs (local areas of play).

9.00 am until noon Wednesday 5 May ~ formative pruning of trees.

9.00 am until noon Thursday 6 May ~ tidying up some borders and beds.

Meet outside the energy centre, but if you want to come along later phone me to find out where we are – my phone number will be displayed in a window of the energy centre. Drop in for as long or as little as you want, come to as many or as few sessions as you want, or just pop by to say “hallo”! Adam and the gardening team will be there to guide and help us. Bring a selection of whatever ordinary garden tools you can manage (spade, fork, hoe, hand trowel and fork, secateurs) although the gardening team will have some spare equipment. A kneeler may be useful, and please wear gloves and observe social distancing. For more information contact Wendy at


LAPs, borders and beds

As you may know, JRHT now have responsibility for all the landscaping on Derwenthorpe.  The handover from David Wilson Homes (DWH) didn’t happen quite as planned, nor was the quality of landscaping as expected.  This was due to several reasons, but mainly the Covid-19 situation which also led to most of the Land Plan staff (working on behalf of DWH) being furloughed during 2020 so very little work was done.  Our JRHT gardening team are very busy catching up on all the outstanding landscape maintenance.  Many residents have shown interest in lending a hand.  You may live near a Local Area of Play (LAP), border or bed that you think would benefit from some immediate care and attention, and be able to help by offering to do this in the short term.  Any time we give will help the gardening team by freeing their time to take on bigger tasks, and we can all benefit by seeing improvements to our landscaping more quickly.  The gardening team will be able to offer advice, and supply mulch, compost and even plants, if necessary.  So if you want to help, then please contact Wendy at

One of our Local Areas of Play (LAPs)
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LAPs and wildflowers

The nature group has been busy again. Last week we helped the JRHT gardening team tidy up the two LAPs on Lotherington, including weeding, pruning and planting. You may have noticed some long narrow trenches circling the perimeter of the beck field. We worked with the gardening team to lift the turf so we could sow a meadow mix of wildflower seeds. As long as the birds don’t snack on the seeds, they should start germinating in the next few weeks and we’ll see some wildflowers. For more information about the group and what we do, please contact Wendy at Everyone is welcome to join us.

Looking after the LAPs and making space for wildflowers


What’s the plan, Stan?*

We’ve put up a new page linking to planning consents at You can also find it under the “about” menu. You can find plans for Phase 5 there, and all parts of Derwenthorpe. And the new Burnholme plans, too: they’re not part of Derwenthorpe, but there on our doorstep.

You can see how the plans have changed over time, too. For example Lotherington Lake has changed shape. And Holly Close moved.

Find your house plans.

You can see the plans for your house, too. Find the right quarter, and find the right site plan. It will label your house with something like B1 or D2. Then you can find the plans and elevations for your house. Some two bedroom houses include plans for an extra room in the loft: which might save architects fees, if that’s something you’re considering. Do check with the council: but you might not need planning permission to use those plans.

Phase 5 plans.

JRHT are finalising contract details with a builder for phase 5, and residents’ representatives are working with JRHT to ensure that residents have a way to deal with any issues that might arise. Of course, there will be additional traffic, and other disruption, but we want to keep that to a minimum.

Contrary to recent rumours, JRHT aren’t considering any other plans.

Residents’ representatives, through DPAC, DRA, and DGG are working with JRHT to ensure that we quickly keep on top of any problems that might occur.

* Not a Paul Simon lyric, apparently!