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Going Electric – Issues For Derwenthorpe

Of course, we all know that the greenest form of transport for those who are able to do it, is walking. Or cycling. Or buses.  But many if not most Derwenthorpe residents still feel that they need access to a car, and some are thinking about a switch to an electric car. While at first sight this is a costly choice, a combination of leasing and reduced running costs may make it a possible choice for more and more of us.  One reason why people don’t make the switch is the problem of charging, particularly for residents without off-street parking. 

It seems like a good time, then, to get together with some experts – including experts by experience (i.e. residents who already own electric cars) – to chat about the issues involved, and to ask and get answers to questions about all this.  JRHT will also be represented, so we should also be able to get a sense of its views on charging. We are hoping that it won’t be an evening full of jargon and technical stuff, but will be understandable to everyone. Please, if you’re interested and can find the time, join us for a Zoom meeting to discuss this at 7.30pm on Wednesday 1st December

This is the Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 821 2045 0901
Passcode: 949332

‘Doors will open’ at around 7.20pm. Hope to see you there!