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Landscape walkarounds

During September and October, Dan Booth (Parks and Landscapes Manager, JRHT) and his team will be holding a series of walkarounds around the community.   

The purpose of these walkarounds is to provide residents with the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns about landscaping directly with Dan and his team. As well as the opportunity for residents to share ideas about the future of landscaping within Derwenthorpe.  

Each week, the walkaround will focus on a particular area within the community, all starting at 1.00 pm from the energy centre, except Rowntree starting the substation on Meadlands Mews. It is anticipated the walkabouts will take no longer than one hour.

16 September ~ Lotherington, including Lotherington Avenue, Lotherington Mews and Temple Avenue

30th September ~ Seebohm, including St Aelreds Mews, Seebohm Mews, Derwent Way and Derwent Place

7th October ~ Rowntree, including Holly Close, Meadlands Mews and Pearson Place

14th October ~ Stephenson, including Derwent Mews and Derwent Way

Residents are encouraged to come along.   If you have any questions about the walkabouts, please contact Dan Booth at 

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Pizza night

JRHT want to know what you think of your local landscape to help come up with a plan to enhance and improve it for many years to

Pop down for some free pizza…

Tuesday 14th September 6-7pm
Outside the SSC Building.

…and share your thoughts with them.

They’re developing a landscape management plan, at the request of your elected members of DGG


JRHT annual residents’ meeting

JRHT are holding an annual residents meeting on Zoom, tomorrow (Wed 8 Thu 9 September 2021), at 16:30-18:00

You’ll need to register on Eventbrite.

Edited to correct the date!

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Big Picnic

Sun 12th September, 12:30-15:00

The Big Picnic returns on Sunday 12th. Bring food & drink, rugs & seats, friends & relatives to the grass outside the Energy Centre (SSC)

Live music.

Admission free. All are welcome, but children should be with an adult

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Grand Reopening of Coffee Mornings!!

Sip.Chat. Chomp.Chat.Nom!

At the Derwenthorpe Energy Centre, from 10am ’til noon.

This Sunday 5 September 2021, and then the first Sunday of every month.

Everyone is welcome. Please come along: meet your neighbours, make new friends!

Members of the Residents’ Association core team will be present, and able to discuss current issues, offer advice, listen to your concerns, and so on.

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White Elephant Sunday

Your junk is someone else’s treasure.

Julian Pattison writes (in LotsOn) “Tomorrow (Sunday 22 August 2021) is White Elephant Day. If you have stuff you don’t want, put it out on your doorstep, and see if someone else does! Then go for a scavenging walk yourself, if you fancy. You will need to take back into your house anything that doesn’t disappear. Please do not put out unwanted children, pets or partners!

Please don’t pick up garden ornaments, or stuff kids might have just left out while playing! Knock if in doubt.

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Developing a landscape strategy

Developing a landscaping strategy for Derwenthorpe

This summer will see the start of community research to help develop a vision for the sustainable long term future management of all of the outdoor spaces at Derwenthorpe. Abbie and Roger will be attending events and talking to residents to help gain a better understanding of the things that people like about the Derwenthorpe landscape, the things they don’t like and their ideas for the future. 

Abbie said:

“This will be an important first step towards developing a comprehensive plan together and we hope to talk to people of all ages and backgrounds.”

People will be encouraged to chat, draw pictures, write thoughts down, take photos, video clips, etc. so please do stop and chat to them if you see them out and about. 

JRHT are working with the Derwenthorpe Governance Group (DGG) and Derwenthorpe Nature Group (DNG) to develop the landscape strategy. You can contact us with your thoughts or to express interest in participating via the following channels:

By email: or (Chair of the Derwenthorpe Governing Group)

JRHT Facebook:

Derwenthorpe Residents Association Facebook:


Photo Competition Winners

A very big Thank You to all those who entered our first Derwenthorpe photo competition. We received lots of excellent photographs, making it difficult to decide which ones to select as the winners. The judge was an accredited photographic judge Bob Helliwell ARPS. His decisions were reached based on composition, interest and imagination in the photograph (in case you are wondering the photographs were anonymised before Bob saw them).

Below are the winning and runner up entries.

Childrens’ Category

First prize (£20 book token): Alexander Povey for his image ‘Once Upon a Time’

Second prize (£15 book token): Evie Cornforth for her image ‘Flower on a tree’

Third prize (£10 book token): Rosie Gray for her image ‘Two Swans’

Runner up photographs 

  • ‘Pink Flower’ by Rosie Gray
  • ‘Swan Picture’ Mary Cornforth.

Adults Category

First prize (book – Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2020): Thijs van der Feltz for his image ‘Good morning Mr Swan’

Second prize (book – The Photographers Eye): Natalie Povey for her image ‘Lock Down’

Third prize (book – National Geographic – Simply Beautiful Photographs): Thijs van der Feltz for his image ‘Encounters on Metcalfe Lane’

Runner up photographs:

  • ‘A Sunday Stroll’ by Angela Williams
  • ‘After the Rain’ by John Pugh
  • ‘After the Sunny Day’ by John Pugh
  • ‘Stressed Mum Trying to Keep the Kids in order’ by Steven Burkeman
  • ‘Timing is Everything’ by Chris Hall
  • ‘’Tis a Hard Life’ by Tara Mason
  • ‘Upside Down Duck’ by Thijs van der Feltz
  • ‘View Across Lotherington Lake’ by Sue Leach

Congratulations to all the winners. And to all others who took part, we’re wishing you better luck next time.

You can see all the entries on the Derwenthorpe web page


Photo Competition – Entries

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this competition. The standard of entries has been high

The entries will be judged shortly and the winners announced on this site over the coming week.

Here are the entries for the photo competition. First the entries in the children’s age group. Please note that some of the images you see below are cropped – click on an image to see it full size.

There were no entries by people in the teenage group. So here are the entries in the adult group.

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Anti-social behaviour

At our last All Residents’ Meeting the topic of anti-social behaviour came up. Several residents had concerns about young people behaving inappropriately in some of the public areas within the estate.

Some residents have also received a letter from the police about anti-social behaviour, but also carrying a JRHT logo. As far as we know, the letter only went to the flats, but we don’t know why that would be.

The DRA core team are currently looking into the situation. We have made contact with various local agencies with a view to working with then, and residents to develop a Derwenthorpe strategy.

Please let us know if you have a particular interest in working together to find practical ways to reduce anti-social behaviour on the estate.