Help design the heart of the community!

Help us build back better! JHRT have asked the ABC:D group to gather the community’s ideas on what should happen with the Central Square area of Derwenthorpe. This is the area between the SSC and the two blocks of flats that’s currently used as a building compound. They are thinking about moving the bus stop there, and adding some visitor parking, but they really want your help to shape what happens.

The ABC:D group think we should think bigger than just Central Square. We’d like your ideas for new community facilities in the whole area around the SSC. Maybe you think we need a bigger community building, an outdoor space for BBQ’s and picnics, more sports facilities, a skate park, or all of the above! Feel free to be as creative as you like! We’d love this project to help bring the whole community together in the coming years.

How to get involved…

Head to the ABC:D Facebook group, there’s a picture of the Central Square area that you can download and draw on. So get your colouring pencils out and get sketching! Post a photo of your picture when you’re done!

Not feeling artistic? Feel free to add a comment with your ideas, or send us a direct message. We’d love to hear from you!

Not a Facebook user? You can download the image on this page, make your changes, and email them to

Are you interested in hearing more about our plans in future? Then join our Facebook group:

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