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All Residents Meeting, tomorrow.

As advertised in LotsOn, we have an All Residents’ Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday 19 January at 7:30 pm. The meeting will be held on Zoom, due to current levels of COVID.

We’ve updated our ARMs page, with the Agenda, Zoom link, and future meeting dates.

This meeting will have a round of quick updates from the many groups that we now have, and more detailed updates on Central Square, duck islands, our covenants, anti-social behaviour, and the new table tennis table.

Extensions and loft conversions.

While we’re here, we’d also like to mention an update to our page on planning. If you’re considering a loft conversion or an extension, you can now find Derwenthorpe examples in the planning archives.


Youth activity day

JRHT and North Yorkshire Police are hosting a free activity day in Derwenthorpe for young people aged 10 to 15 on Tuesday 26 October.

Young people will be able to try out a range of activities, including football, boxing, multi-sports and Halloween crafting. Light refreshments are included.

⌚ 11am – 3pm, Tuesday 26 October

👩🏿‍‍👩🏼Young people, aged 10-15.

Younger children are welcome but must be supervised by an adult.

🏠 Super Sustainable Centre, Derwenthorpe


  • 11am-12pm – Football with North Yorkshire Police
  • 11am – 2.30pm – Halloween crafts
  • 12-1pm – Boxing with Legions Gym
  • 12.30-2pm- Blow-up assault course and multi-sports, with York City Knights 🏈
  • Anytime – Sports

The event is completely free and there is no need to book, just drop in. We hope to see you there!


All Residents Meeting

A reminder that the next All Residents Meeting is on Wednesday 13 October 2021 at 7:30pm. It will be on Zoom, because the capacity of the Energy Centre meeting room is currently limited for COVID safety reasons. Check back on the day, at for a Zoom link.


  1. Welcome and apologies for absence.
  2. Minutes of last meeting (the ARM), accuracy and matters arising.
  3. Anti-social behaviour.
  4. Reports from DGG, ABC:D, Nature Group, CAN, core team, liaison group (including JRHT’s schedule of works on site), and HEAT group.
  5. Any other business (please advise the chair before the start of the meeting).

Cake swap?

This Sunday (3rd October) the coffee morning will include a swap shop – bring along books, children’s clothes, plants, etc to give away or swap. Everyone welcome for coffee and cake from 10 till 12 at the Energy Centre. Come and meet your neighbours.

Oh, so not a cake swap. But there will be cake, and there will be swaps!


JRHT annual meeting TODAY

My apologies for an error in yesterday’s post. The JRHT annual meeting is TODAY (Thu 9, 4:30 pm). On Zoom.

Resister here for a Zoom link.


Central Square update

You’ll know that the biggest issue at Derwenthorpe right now is the state of Central Square. JRHT are doing another consultation – this time on the short term future of Central Square.

To recap, we’ve already had some big wins on Central Square. Your resident representatives on DRA and DGG have had many meetings with JRHT, with the following great results:

  1. It was going to be used for construction of phase 5 (about two years). That’s no longer the case: phase 5 works are going to be contained within the phase 5 site (apart from delivery traffic, of course).
  2. It was going to be used for road works on phase 1 (about nine months). The preferred option now is to restrict works on phase 1 to phase 1 itself.
  3. JRHT have agreed to minimise the use of storage depots: preferring to deliver materials directly to their point of use. That’s a bit more work for contractors, but a lot less disruption for residents.

Now, there are still some works required on the roads alongside Central Square (raising road levels, and finishing the roads in front of the flats). It makes sense to use the Central Square compound for those works, but only about one third of the space is required.

So, JRHT are asking how people would like that to work. Tomorrow (Tuesday 7 November), they’ll be presenting some options at the Energy Centre, at 2pm and 6pm. Please be there to have your say on how this work can be done with minimal disruption.

CAN community

Big Picnic

Sun 12th September, 12:30-15:00

The Big Picnic returns on Sunday 12th. Bring food & drink, rugs & seats, friends & relatives to the grass outside the Energy Centre (SSC)

Live music.

Admission free. All are welcome, but children should be with an adult

community CoreTeam

Grand Reopening of Coffee Mornings!!

Sip.Chat. Chomp.Chat.Nom!

At the Derwenthorpe Energy Centre, from 10am ’til noon.

This Sunday 5 September 2021, and then the first Sunday of every month.

Everyone is welcome. Please come along: meet your neighbours, make new friends!

Members of the Residents’ Association core team will be present, and able to discuss current issues, offer advice, listen to your concerns, and so on.

abc:derwenthorpe CoreTeam DGG DPAC

AGM on Wed 14th

You’ll have had a notice of a tomorrow’s AGM of Derwenthorpe Residents’ Association. This will include reports from DRA, and elections to the new Core Team and DGG.

A Zoom link, the agenda, and minutes of the last meeting are available at

We’ll be posting a financial report at the same location today.


Internet outage may result in postponed ARM tonight.

Currently, Internet access is unavailable for half of Derwenthorpe. As a result, we may have to postpone tonight’s ARM.

Check the web site closer to the time of the meeting, we’ll make the decision at about 7pm.