Derwenthorpe Residents’ Meetings

Here you’ll find information about ARMs (All Resident’s Meetings, AGMs (Annual General Meetings) and SGMs (Special General Meetings). What are the differences? Well, briefly, all these meetings are for all residents, but SGMs and AGMs have powers to make more important decisions like changing the constitution and electing core team members.

Our next meeting is our AGM on 18th May 2022.

Agendas and Papers.

Looking for papers? Click the “Next Meeting” link above, for the agenda and minutes of the last meeting.

Future meetings:

  • 2022 ARMs: 18th May (the AGM), 20th July, 19th Oct: All at 7:30pm
  • Core team: 15th June, 21st Sept, 16th Nov., All 7:30pm
  • DPAC and DGG: See the DGG pages.

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