MVHR Servicing

Find out why you need to get your MVHR unit serviced.

Houses in Stevenson Quarter have Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR). There’s a heat exchanger in the fan unit, which uses the heat from extracted air to heat the incoming air. It should save a lot of money, provided you don’t leave windows open.

The units are complex, and installations had to be updated in 2020/21. The work carries a five year warranty, provided the units are regularly serviced.

The first service approximately one year after installation is free and should be arranged through ADM Systems. Contact details are in the Handover Pack given when the system in your property was made good. The details we have are  /  01756 701051.

After that the system should be regularly serviced (between every 12–24 months). 

After the first free service, there are other servicing options you may choose. One that some residents have used is Tom Greenwood / 076-938-6744

Between services, it is important that filters are taken out and vacuumed every 3 – 6 months and replaced when the system is serviced.

JRHT are responsible for the upkeep of systems in their rented properties.