House guide

Most of us didn’t get a user guide to the home, so some residents have written one. It’s a living document. Please let us know how we can improve it, in the comments below.

For example, did you know your windows have a built in wedge, that you can use to prop them open. Useful, if you need fresh more air while self isolating!

We think we are all really lucky to live in such beautifully designed homes that have many ‘green’ features. Some of those features were new to many of us, so we have put together these simple and non-technical user guides to our homes. 

We have based this very general guidance on our experiences and research. While many features of our homes are the same, there are also quite a lot of variations, so you may find differences in your place. However, we hope this guide gives you a good starting point. It is offered to you in the spirit of neighbourliness and community — we obviously can’t accept any liability for actions you take based on these guides! 

We welcome further questions and your feedback. Please email

Download the house guide or view in Dropbox


Stay cool in summer

MVHR Servicing

External painting: JRHT has a schedule for repainting rented and (we think) shared ownership properties. We’re hoping that home owners will be able to opt into that contract, at cost, but that has not been confirmed. In the mean time, if you’re looking to match the grey: we’re told it’s “RAL code 7015“, which is slate grey.


Please let us know if you have a different appliance that came with your house originally. A photo of the appliance, and the location of the product label would be useful!

My house on Lotherington Mews got these appliances, but do check your model and product number before ordering spares. Also, there are other suppliers of spare parts, which may be cheaper, but may not be manufacturer’s original parts.

Spares from Electrolux

  • Oven AEG NC4013001M Product number (PNC): 944 171 558

Spares from AEG

  • Hob AEG HK654200FB

spares from AEG – you’ll need the product number, which is on a label on the right side of the hob. Sadly not visible when properly installed!

  • Cooker hood Prima LIA206. Energy Rating D
  • Dishwasher Electrolux ESL5201LO

Spares from Electrolux

Did you know you can lower the top shelf, to take larger items?

  • MEV mechanical extract ventilation (not phase 1).

Greenwood Centair CMEV.4 user instructions are in the main house file (above). If you need a replacement, you could consider upgrading to a CMEV.4e or CMEV.4eHT which both have more sophisticated controls. The inspection record says they’re self cleaning, and self lubricating, so should not require servicing. However, it’s a good idea to check that the controls are set properly.

  • Heat Interface Unit: Celcius T3 (not phase 1)

this unit belongs to, and should be maintained by, Veolia.

BTW, please get in touch if you live in one of the flats. We’d love to be able to add some more useful information for residents of the flats.