A Brighter Community: Derwenthorpe.

We’re residents looking for ways to improve community facilities at Derwenthorpe.

We want to involve people as much as possible. So keep an eye on this page, or join our Facebook group, or both.

Or email, to get invites to our meetings. They’re every three weeks, but tightly focussed.

We have a sub-group of five which has regular meetings with JRHT.

Among the ideas that we’re considering are

a) how to get the most input from a wide range of residents, like you!

b) whether to extend the community facilities in the Energy Centre

c) how to develop Central Square, and the area around the Energy Centre (none of that has detailed planning consent)

d) new community facilities elsewhere on the estate: like footpaths, for example.


Formally: we’re set up as a sub-committee of DGG, so report to their meetings. Our plan is just to come up with a plan: we don’t have any spending powers, for example.

You can read our draft constitution.

Recent ABC:D posts.

Petition update

Last Thursday, we submitted our petition on Central Square to JRHT. On Friday, they asked us for a meeting, which we held yesterday (Monday), including representatives from the DRA core team, DGG, ABC:D, and DPAC:  We discussed two things: 1. Central Square. We want them to stop using Central Square as a builders compound. This […]

Central Square petition

Thank you, to everyone who worked so hard to gather signatures for our petition last week, and to everyone who signed it. We knocked on virtually every door on the estate, and got 344 signatures from 296 different addresses. We’ve written a paper to JRHT, including views from several residents of Barron House and Newman […]