DPAC and DGG meetings

DPAC (Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee) and DGG (Derwenthorpe Governing Group) are meeting this week.

Previously, they’ve met on the same night, but this has meant that the meetings have been rather cramped. So, at the request of residents, JRHT has agreed to separate the meetings. DPAC will meet tonight (at 6:30pm) and DGG tomorrow afternoon (at 2:15 pm).

Papers for both meetings, and for past meetings, can be found at

Apologies for the late notice, but note that the date of the DPAC meeting has been advertised for the past three months.

One reply on “DPAC and DGG meetings”

Good morning. I’m aware Ian will be bringing up my recent rent increase of 10% as a shared owner. Also the fact I received no letter warning me of this and my first knowledge of the increase was when it was taken out of my account on 1/7/22.


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