Residents Meetings

AGM: Wed 18 May 2022

The Derwenthorpe Residents’ Association’s Annual General Meeting (DRA AGM – see why we do acronyms?) will be back in the Energy Centre, at 7:30pm on Wednesday 18 May.

Full agenda and papers will be available at The agenda, minutes of 2021 AGM, and Core Team report are already available. See the “Next Meeting” link.

The agenda will include the latest updates on Phase 5, and adoption of roads on Stephenson Quarter, then around the flats, and on the rest of the estate.

Note that we’ve moved from Dropbox to, because Dropbox downgraded their free service. The listing of papers will look a little different. I think it’s better, but we’d love to know what you think.

One reply on “AGM: Wed 18 May 2022”

Apologies from Nick Hall and Jean Lavers, both sorry to miss this but having commitments out of town.

A couple of things I’d have wanted to raise:

1. Any news or timescale on the JRHT painting contract for the outside of their houses? Owner-occupiers were going to be given the chance to opt in, and we’d probably like to do that.

2. Is the ABC:D group able to incorporate some kind of solar water heating into the design of the hoped-for extension to the SSC? And could Veolia be persuaded to contribute?

And, on a positive note, we’d like to record our appreciation of all the work so many of people here do to make Derwenthorpe a happy place to live in, e.g. the Core Team, and the Arts Festival was fun. After 9 years living here, and counting, we’re still delighted with our neighbourhood – and our neighbours!


Nick and Jean



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