Ukraine Refugee Action

At our last All Residents’ Meeting, we discussed what we can do together for Refugees from Ukraine. Of course, we can individually do the usual things like donating to relevant charities, sponsoring a refugee through the government, and reducing use of fossil fuels to reduce our imports from Russia (and save money, and save our environment). But the question was “what more can we do collectively”?

York City of Sanctuary say that they have plenty of offers of one bedroom accommodation, but not enough for family groups (child, mother, grandmother for example), so “if you have one or two bedrooms to offer, maybe contact neighbours to see if they would also take Ukraine refugees. We might be able to then share the families but keep them close to one another.”

So, if anyone at or near Derwenthorpe would like to talk about these options –especially sharing hosting– please fill out this form, and we’ll see what we can do together.

Note, we won’t share these details with anyone. We’ll just use them to set up a meeting, or a WhatsApp group or similar, depending on the number of responses.

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