ARM tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.

Our next ARM is tomorrow evening. Among other things, we’ll be talking about the heat price review which happened last week. And we’ll be talking about Ukraine, too.

Details, as usual, at

The meeting will be on Zoom again – check the web page for the link. The meeting will be recorded to help the minute taker, but the recording will not be made available for viewing.

We’re doing this online mainly because the Energy Centre room was unavailable, but also have you seen the COVID case rates going through the roof again? Of course, it doesn’t seem to be as dangerous these days – if you’re properly vaccinated and if you’ve no particular vulnerability  – but there’s a lot of it about!

Minutes of the last meeting are available on the web site, and we’ll post some additional papers before the meeting.

One reply on “ARM tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.”

Thanks for this. Timely about the Covid infection rates – grossly under-reported!

I couldn’t find an agenda for today’s meeting – just minutes of the last one.




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