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Nature group work sessions

Our next sessions will be on Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th and Friday 25th February, starting at 10.00 am until we get tired and hungry which is usually between noon and 1.00 pm. The plan is to help the JRHT gardening team sow wild flower seeds on the central square area, plant snowdrop bulbs around the estate, and do a little hedge management. This may change, depending on the weather, availability of bulbs etc. You’re invited to come along for as long, as little, as often as you like, and everyone is very welcome. We meet at the energy centre, but if you join later just phone the number that will be in a window to find out where we are. Please bring hand tools and secateurs if you can, though the gardening team usually bring spares, and wear gardening gloves and appropriate footwear. For more information on these sessions, or anything else you might like to know about the nature group, contact Wendy by emailing

One reply on “Nature group work sessions”

Morning Wendy

Just to let you know I do plan to join in on one or more of the sessions planned… See you at the SSC one day.





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