Road works on Lotherington

JRHT have placed a notice on their Facebook page regarding the City of York Council’s adoption of roads on Lotherington Quarter. The next stage is an inspection of the roads as they have been constructed. This requires digging of pits so that an inspector can see whether further works are required before the council will take responsibility for (adopt) the roads.

David Wilson Homes’ subcontractor Hughes Bros Ltd will be on site from week commencing 14 February (update: they’re now expected to start work in the week beginning 28 February*). They’ll start at the entrance to Lotherington Quarter (see image below). If we’re lucky, they’ll find not problems and move on to Seebohm. More likely, they’ll have to dig more pits, and will start by working their way around Lotherington Mews, then Lotherington Avenue. Residents will be informed in advance, and may be asked to move cars.

It is hoped that each trial pit can be completed in 2-3 days, and JRHT say they will do their utmost to keep residents informed and minimise disruption wherever possible. 

Once Hughes Bros have finished on Lotherington Quarter, they’ll move on to Seebohm Quarter, and then Rowntree Quarter.

After the inspections, it’s possible that DWH will be required to carry out repairs before the roads are adopted.

For more details about all of this, please see JRHT’s notice on their Facebook page. You’ll find a contact address there if you need more information.

First trial pit locations: at entrance to Lotherington Quarter.

update: JRHT emailed to say they’re now expected to start work in the week beginning 28 February.

One reply on “Road works on Lotherington”

I’m really confused about which parts of Derwent Thorpe are unadopted,? I was told by the council its the entrance from fifth avenue Ennerdale past the school and outside the apartments,, where we have no roads at all,,,and unfinished for 4 years now. Not sure about why all the finished roads in other areas where work is going on are being dug up? , but the yard now in the extended veolia yard being used yet again for all this, whilst the mess is left yet again outside Barron House, and nothing finished, no planting, trees but large amounts of soil arriving, vans, diggers and more noise than before,,, so if you could explain this please.


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