Waste collection changes

You can get your 2022 waste collection calendar from

Put your postcode in, then select your address. Be patient, it can take ten seconds to load your information, maybe more. You’ll see your next collection dates for household waste, recycling, and garden waste. Just under your address, you can see a link to view your waste and recycling calendar, in a printable format. Fits quite nicely in landscape A4, but you may not want it that large.

Changes to collections.

City of York Council has made some changes to waste collections in the last year or so. They were summarised on the Council’s web site: no longer available there, but archived at

Briefly, they’re like this:

  • no changes to collection frequency, due to pending legislation,
  • extended season for green waste collections (so, more of them),
  • you can now mix glass, cans and plastics (but not paper); so you only need two boxes, though you can use more if you need to.

Missed collections

You can check for known problems with waste collection. If your street is listed on the relevant day, it will say what to do. If there are no known issues, report the problem.

What I recycle, and where?

One reply on “Waste collection changes”

Thanks so much for the info about waste collection. I have managed to print off the calendar and note with interest the change to recycling glass, plastic and cans together.


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