Central Square update

You’ll know that the biggest issue at Derwenthorpe right now is the state of Central Square. JRHT are doing another consultation – this time on the short term future of Central Square.

To recap, we’ve already had some big wins on Central Square. Your resident representatives on DRA and DGG have had many meetings with JRHT, with the following great results:

  1. It was going to be used for construction of phase 5 (about two years). That’s no longer the case: phase 5 works are going to be contained within the phase 5 site (apart from delivery traffic, of course).
  2. It was going to be used for road works on phase 1 (about nine months). The preferred option now is to restrict works on phase 1 to phase 1 itself.
  3. JRHT have agreed to minimise the use of storage depots: preferring to deliver materials directly to their point of use. That’s a bit more work for contractors, but a lot less disruption for residents.

Now, there are still some works required on the roads alongside Central Square (raising road levels, and finishing the roads in front of the flats). It makes sense to use the Central Square compound for those works, but only about one third of the space is required.

So, JRHT are asking how people would like that to work. Tomorrow (Tuesday 7 November), they’ll be presenting some options at the Energy Centre, at 2pm and 6pm. Please be there to have your say on how this work can be done with minimal disruption.

2 replies on “Central Square update”

We residents in the apartments have had no wins at all, yesterday was a massive let down, yet again we have not or never have had our needs or concerns met, no one is seriously putting together a final plan , we want this area finished, not temporary fixes after 3 years we now are back to square one, we do not want any more grass,,, ball game areas, teenagers, gangs nearer to our homes, dog walkers and unscreened views, builders cabins, workmen toilets, and all the day to day noise that involves, it is seriously affecting the residents mental health, so some other plan needs to be made, yesterday proposals have yet again left us feeling worse off, not only has JRHT let us down badly but all the others involved in making these desicions have, who do not live in our area, for us it is day to day misery, how many more times can residents in the apartments be ignored,??some people should be ashamed of how we have been treated. We would be grateful of your views on how yesterdays proposals have benefited the residents directly living in the apartments. We have had a big loss yesterday.


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