DPAC and DGG meet Wednesday

Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee and Derwenthorpe Governing Group will meet on Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. respectively.

Details of the meeting, including the full agenda and papers for both, and the Zoom link, are now available from the DGG page.

There will be updates on plans for phase 5, including an opportunity to look at a draft Construction Traffic Management Plan. We’ll also have the latest on plans for road upgrades.

Please do Zoom in to find out how the plans are evolving, and to have your say. The plans are not fixed yet!

3 replies on “DPAC and DGG meet Wednesday”

Hello Ian Eiloart

Looking at the functions of the two groups I guess that my query and request should go to the DGG under “Services to residents”

I have brought up this point verbally at previous meetings, but now I think that I should ask it to be raised formally at a meeting.

When our family moved into Derwenthorpe in 2014, Owen Daggart told us that there would be provision in Derwenthorpe for charging of electric vehicles, and that it would be in place by the end of the year 2018.
We have had an electric car since that time and we are living in a terraced house in Derwent Way with no private access to a charging point. For the last year or so there has been a charging point next to the Library on Bad Bargain Lane. (This has now been taken over by BP Pulse and it mostly fails to work ever since the take -over)

My question is:-
Given that there are very many properties here without the possibility of private charging points, and the proposed time table for the change to EVs is looming, what are the plans for providing the increasing number of charging facilities required in the near future?
Thanks for taking this matter forward.

Sally McGurn
63 Derwent Way YO31 0RJ



Hello again Ian
I stopped to read a notice board this eve, and found that car charging is already planned for the central square area in the future. However, with a reduced area being used for building materials for phase five, it would be good to know what the timescale is for the chargers to be installed. They are already over 2 years late so I hope that we do not have to wait until phase 5 is completed before the facility is provided.

So I think it would be good for the DGG to put the question to the JRHT.

Sally McGurn


Hello all Here is the recording of the zoom Ethex meeting on 10th August. It was really interesting and I believe it shows us how to get chargers on Derwenthorpe at the Energy Centre, and also how to make progress with Co-Charger where a host with a charger on the house in their driveway can invite a few neighbours to easily share the facility.

It would be good if this could be followed up by the DGG with JRHT.

It is really worth watching. By the way, the charger in the car park next to the library on Bad Bargain Lane is working again.

Best wishes Sally McGurn


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