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Osbaldwick Village closure.

The following is (roughly) what the City Council (or maybe it was their contractor WSP) said about the nine-week closure of Osbaldwick Village. I’ve clarified with them that it should be possible to access Stevenson Quarter from Osbaldwick Lane throughout the works. And then I’ve edited this text for clarity. Do expect some disruption, but remember you should be able to get in and out of Derwenthorpe via one end of Osbaldwick Village or the other.

“City of York Council will be carrying out maintenance works on Osbaldwick Village commencing on 2nd August 2021 for a period of 9 weeks (weather permitting). The works will be carried out between 9.15am till 5.00pm working Monday to Friday only.

In order to carry out the work safely, the first 3 weeks of the works (2nd – 20th August) are going to be carried out under a full road closure, in two phases: phase 1 will be from the junction with Derwent Way up to the junction with Galligap Lane and phase 2 will be from the junction with Osbaldwick Lane up to the junction with Derwent Way.  

The following 5 weeks (23rd August – 24th September) will be carried out under local traffic management with the use of ‘stop and go’ traffic control boards … to manage lane closures.

The final week (27th September – 1st October) will be carried out under a full road closure for resurfacing.”

As I understand it, the works are necessary to correct drainage problems due to an incorrect camber on the road.

Sadly, WSP’s most up to date map doesn’t include Derwenthorpe. But they say Derwenthorpe residents have been considered in the planning of the closure.

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