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Derwenthorpe Green Spaces Are Now Named

Derwenthorpe is designed to be low density and as a consequence we are fortunate to have several large green spaces. A collaboration between the Nature Group and JRHT has resulted in names for these spaces; Beck Field, Crescent Park, Holly Ings, Meadlands Green and St Aelreds Meadow.

Consequently our map of the estate has been updated. Click here to download a pdf version of the map, which should print neatly on A4 paper.

Do let us know in the comments below if you spot any wrong or missing details.

6 replies on “Derwenthorpe Green Spaces Are Now Named”

Hi Mark Not sure if you have seen the attached.

*Extract: * *Derwenthorpe is designed to be low density and as a consequence we are fortunate to have several large green spaces.*

I don’t see how this statement balances with the proposed PHASE 5 development! Regards Nick


I don’t understand what you mean Nick. Phase5 development will not encroach on any of the named green spaces. And just like the other four phases, it will include a LAP and housing density will be low.


Phase 5 will encroach on the apartments,and Derwent place builders, workmen, deliverys, noise,, convoys early on a morning, yet again, no one cares as long as its not on there doorstep, it’s massively over developed at this side of Derwent Thorpe, packed in like sardines and no where to go, nonparing , no roads, people wandering around gawping all day long, actually standing outside the apartments making remarks to residents sitting on there patios and balconies,, it has become apparent that we have been left here to made a joke out of,, imagine sitting in home and your garden with no privacy or landscaping, no road or path, and everyone having an opinion,,, wake up, some very selfish people in Derwent Thorpe, and JRHT, it’s almost like you don’t want us here,, too late for that so get this area finished as priority and no more excuses.


Hi Beverley,
You do sound frustrated and even angry. And I sympathise with you; the roads around the apartments are not adequate and JRHT does not appear to have made sorting out central square a high enough priority. However, there are a few things in your comment that I want to respond to:

“Phase 5 will encroach on the apartments”: the phase5 development will occupy land behind and south of Holly Close; land which is not adjacent to the apartments. And the good news is that the DRA petition and protest about continued use of Central Square as a building compound was successful and the builders will use part of the Phase5 land itself for that purpose.

“builders, workmen, deliverys, noise,, convoys early on a morning”: There are several routes by which construction traffic could theoretically gain access to the Phase 5 site, including, 1. Via Fifth Ave and Derwent Way, 2. via Meadlands Ave and Phase4, and 3. via Metcalfe Lane. The DRA Core Team has been lobbying hard for either 2 or 3, but it seems neither of those options are feasible. So we are left with option 1, which I agree is not ideal. However, with all such developments a Traffic Management Plan is put in place and the DRA Core Team have been working with JRHT, CYC and the builders to ensure noise and dust is kept to a minimum and that various agreements about avoiding early or late times of day are adhered to. The DRA Core Team is particularly keen to put in place a system enabling us to escalate an issue or non-conformance with the agreements and to get it fixed quickly. You could participate in and contribute to this by attending DRA Core Team meetings, and/or becoming a member of the DRA Core Team.

“no one cares”: I care. The DRA Core Team cares. A large proportion of other residents care. For example a while back, I spent quite a few hours and evenings knocking on all the doors in Stephenson, talking to people, explaining the problem with JRHT’s plans for using central square as a building compound, and persuading them to sign the petition. Almost all people I talked with were very sympathetic to the plight of those living in the apartments. I also think that at least some of the people in JRHT care. Have you been to any of the drop in sessions on Tuesdays or Saturdays to speak with JRHT Executive Director Chris Simpson? I think he cares and he’s certainly someone who can get something done.

“It’s massively over developed at this side of Derwent Thorpe packed in like sardines”: I disagree that Derwenthorpe is overdeveloped. I don’t see any sardine packing going on – yes the flats are higher density but are the residences really too small or too close to each other?

“and no where to go,”: Can you explain what you mean here?

“no parking: Parking has always been an issue; the problem arises when people purchase a home knowing that it comes with an allocated parking space for just one car (btw, is that the same for the flats?) but then proceed to have two or more cars. Got any good ideas for what to do about this?

“ no roads”: There are roads; some badly made roads I agree, but there are roads. A plan has been put in place to rectify the roads and allow the council to adopt them. This will of course involve more noise, mess and inconvenience but in the end we should have good roads.

“it has become apparent that we have been left here to made a joke out of”: What has made that apparent to you?

“some very selfish people in Derwent Thorpe, and JRHT”: Again, on what evidence do you say that? Can you describe any examples of selfish behaviour from other residents or JRHT?

“get this area finished as priority and no more excuses.”: I agree that central square should be sorted out ASAP. The ABCD group are working with JRHT and Partington Assoc (the architects) to agree a plan so that the square can become a resource for the whole community and will fit into plans for the future development of the Energy Centre into a more suitable community venue. If you have any good ideas for this why not join the ABCD group and help us create a great place to live?

If you’d like to meet up and discuss any of these issues face to face I’d be glad to do so; perhaps at the cafe at the library?

Phill Jenkins
Resident on Stephenson
Currently a member of DRA Core Team and DGG, but stepping down from both


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