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Nature Group work sessions

We’ll be out and about again in our new blue hi-vis jackets on Wednesday 2nd June and Thursday 3rd June, 9.00 am until noon. Meet outside the energy centre at 9.00 am, but if you want to pop along later you’ll find my phone number in a window, so you can track us down. You don’t have to start at the beginning or stay until the end. Everyone is welcome. We’re not sure exactly what we’ll be doing yet, but it won’t be anything too energetic! If you want to join us please contact me just before so I can let you know what garden tools you’ll need, such as shears, hoes, hand forks, trowels, secateurs. We’ll be working without Adam and his team this time, so there won’t be any spare tools. Please wear gloves and observe social distancing. For more information contact Wendy at

A few photos to show you what we we got up to last time ~

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