Photo Competition Winners

A very big Thank You to all those who entered our first Derwenthorpe photo competition. We received lots of excellent photographs, making it difficult to decide which ones to select as the winners. The judge was an accredited photographic judge Bob Helliwell ARPS. His decisions were reached based on composition, interest and imagination in the photograph (in case you are wondering the photographs were anonymised before Bob saw them).

Below are the winning and runner up entries.

Childrens’ Category

First prize (£20 book token): Alexander Povey for his image ‘Once Upon a Time’

Second prize (£15 book token): Evie Cornforth for her image ‘Flower on a tree’

Third prize (£10 book token): Rosie Gray for her image ‘Two Swans’

Runner up photographs 

  • ‘Pink Flower’ by Rosie Gray
  • ‘Swan Picture’ Mary Cornforth.

Adults Category

First prize (book – Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2020): Thijs van der Feltz for his image ‘Good morning Mr Swan’

Second prize (book – The Photographers Eye): Natalie Povey for her image ‘Lock Down’

Third prize (book – National Geographic – Simply Beautiful Photographs): Thijs van der Feltz for his image ‘Encounters on Metcalfe Lane’

Runner up photographs:

  • ‘A Sunday Stroll’ by Angela Williams
  • ‘After the Rain’ by John Pugh
  • ‘After the Sunny Day’ by John Pugh
  • ‘Stressed Mum Trying to Keep the Kids in order’ by Steven Burkeman
  • ‘Timing is Everything’ by Chris Hall
  • ‘’Tis a Hard Life’ by Tara Mason
  • ‘Upside Down Duck’ by Thijs van der Feltz
  • ‘View Across Lotherington Lake’ by Sue Leach

Congratulations to all the winners. And to all others who took part, we’re wishing you better luck next time.

You can see all the entries on the Derwenthorpe web page

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