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Central Square petition

Thank you, to everyone who worked so hard to gather signatures for our petition last week, and to everyone who signed it. We knocked on virtually every door on the estate, and got 344 signatures from 296 different addresses.

We’ve written a paper to JRHT, including views from several residents of Barron House and Newman House. And we were shown one photo so shocking, we had to include that in the report (and above), too.

We’ll be having a meeting with JRHT about this very soon. We’re asking them to think again, and keep construction and logistics on the building site, not in this residential area.

We also want them to put something nice on Central Square, but that can’t happen until we have a plan, so while we know what everyone DOESN’T want there, we also need to know what people DO want! We’ve heard some views.

Someone asked for a swimming pool with water chutes, which seems unlikely. But please, have a think about what you’d like here, and get your ideas in at or in the comments here.

If you’re having a hard time thinking beyond the builders’ yard shown here, maybe share some photos of public spaces that you do like. A favourite park, perhaps.

3 replies on “Central Square petition”

Ideas for Central Square:
A space for people to meet & hang out. Simple, minimalistic design.
Natural elements present throughout with various type of plants: flowers, trees, grass.
No extra parking places, cars would stick out like a sore visually & auditorily and moreover we’re in a climate crisis.


Hi. I totally agree with Radu. I think the area should be like all the other quiet areas around Derwenthorpe. Seating,sculptures,lots of greenery, flowers and a path through to the SSC. There are already 8 trees planted. The apartment residents were all promised this quiet area two years ago and should have something beautiful to look out onto like all the other spaces dotted around the development.


I have seen some of the proposals for the central area put forward by the residents from across the Derwenthorpe estate but it is important not to lose sight of the fact that it is the occupants of Newman & Barron House who will be directly affected by the final decision.
We already have too many vehicles – cars, vans, bus, deliveries etc so in my opinion the provision of car parking and/or bus terminal/turnaround should not be options. We should be considering less pollution by creating environmentally green options, such as tree planting and the provision of areas of fauna and flora. These could also include seating and a possible water feature so becoming a tranquil space to be enjoyed by all residents.


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