Low-carbon living?

Low-carbon living by 2050?

A Zoom meeting for residents, with Former Chief Executive of the Derwenthorpe Architect Richard Partington, and Mich Swainson of the Building Research Establishment.

Thursday 27thMay @ 3:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting (doors open 15 minutes early)

Meeting ID: 973 0046 7775
Passcode: 917316

Most residents bought into Derwenthorpe on the understanding that it is an environmentally advanced estate. 

Now that phases 1 to 4 have been completed, it is time to take stock of what has been achieved and identify what we can do for the future. 

This Zoom meeting is the first of a series on environmental matters. We start with two major subjects: our  houses and the provision of heat (Future meetings will cover other key subjects including transport, community, food, etcetera).

In all cases the question is:

‘How could Derwenthorpe be upgraded to deliver low-carbon living by 2050?

The Vision

Lord Best, former chief executive of JRHT, and current president of the Sustainable Energy Association will describe how the vision was conceived and nurtured to become a model estate for the future.

The Architect’s View 

Richard Partington, from Partington Studios, the visionary architect for Derwenthorpe, will explain the vision, the reality and the potential for meeting the requirements of a future world.

The Engineer’s View

Mich Swainson, Principal Engineer of the Building Research Establishment, will explain the government’s policies on heating and conservation and identify practical improvements for the future.

Panel discussion. Exploring opportunities for change

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