Burnholme (not) approved

City of York Council has approved (they’ve removed that page now) its own application to develop 83 new homes at Burnholme. The site is on the left of the footpath between St Aelred’s Mews and the Burnholme Centre: behind the hedge.

Interestingly, the site includes five self-build plots! Check Terrace 5, in the “terrace site plans”. There are only footprint outlines, as the self-builders will design their own houses.

You find all the plans from our ‘planning’ page: Burnholme is at the foot of the page.

To be clear: this is not a Derwenthorpe development, and JRHT is not involved. Nor should the development disturb any residents here. But we’ll get some new neighbours, and maybe some new friends, too!

Edit (7 May 2021): I emailed CYC to ask why the planning application page didn’t mark the application as approved. It turns out that the reason is that the application actually wasn’t approved: it was deferred pending further consultation. So, I’ve added “(not)” to the title of this post.

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