LAPs, borders and beds

As you may know, JRHT now have responsibility for all the landscaping on Derwenthorpe.  The handover from David Wilson Homes (DWH) didn’t happen quite as planned, nor was the quality of landscaping as expected.  This was due to several reasons, but mainly the Covid-19 situation which also led to most of the Land Plan staff (working on behalf of DWH) being furloughed during 2020 so very little work was done.  Our JRHT gardening team are very busy catching up on all the outstanding landscape maintenance.  Many residents have shown interest in lending a hand.  You may live near a Local Area of Play (LAP), border or bed that you think would benefit from some immediate care and attention, and be able to help by offering to do this in the short term.  Any time we give will help the gardening team by freeing their time to take on bigger tasks, and we can all benefit by seeing improvements to our landscaping more quickly.  The gardening team will be able to offer advice, and supply mulch, compost and even plants, if necessary.  So if you want to help, then please contact Wendy at

One of our Local Areas of Play (LAPs)

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