Nature Group Work Sessions

Come and join us on our next group of work sessions with the JRHT gardening team. Everyone is welcome. This is the programme ~

  • 9.00 am until noon Monday 29 March ~ help to rejuvenate our LAPs (local areas of play).
  • 9.00 am until noon Wednesday 31 March ~ lots of planting!
  • 9.00 am until noon Thursday 1 April ~ mulching, formative pruning, removing any remaining rabbitguards.

Meet outside the energy centre, but if you come along later phone me to find out where we are – my phone number will be displayed in a window of the energy centre. Drop in for as long as you can – you don’t have to stay for the whole session, you don’t have to be there at the start, and you don’t have to stay till the end. Come to as many sessions as you want. Come along just to say “hallo”! Adam and the gardening team will be there to guide and help us. Bring a selection of whatever ordinary garden tools you can manage (space, fork, hand trowel and fork, secateurs) although the gardening team will have some spare equipment, and a kneeler may be useful. Please wear gloves, and be aware of social distancing. For more information contact Wendy at

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