Nature Group Work Sessions

This coming week we have the opportunity to help birds, bats and insects, and to plant some trees!  This is the programme ~

  • 9.00 am til noon Wednesday 24 February- bird, bat and log pile installation.  You can join in that morning, or take away a box to put up at your leisure.
  • 9.00 am til noon Thursday 25 February- mass removal of expired plant protection products around all phases and formative pruning.  This can also be carried on afterwards independently at our leisure.
  • 9.00 am til noon Friday 26 February- tree planting, 20 Elm, 3 large cherry, 3 plum.

Meet at the energy centre.  Tools such as secateurs, spade, small trug or bucket, gloves and wellies will help, but the gardening team will have spare tools.
Adam and the gardening team will be there to help and give guidance on all aspects of this work – the best trees to put up boxes; the best places to build habitat piles; how and where to plant the trees (mainly on the beck field).  So even if you can’t spare the time to get on with it that day, please come along to pick up a box and find the best locations.  You don’t have to stay for the whole session – just drop in and give what time you can spare.  And of course, we’ll all have to be aware of social distancing. For more information contact Wendy at

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