Help design the heart of the community!

Help us build back better! JHRT have asked the ABC:D group to gather the community’s ideas on what should happen with the Central Square area of Derwenthorpe. This is the area between the SSC and the two blocks of flats that’s currently used as a building compound. They are thinking about moving the bus stop there, and adding some visitor parking, but they really want your help to shape what happens.

The ABC:D group think we should think bigger than just Central Square. We’d like your ideas for new community facilities in the whole area around the SSC. Maybe you think we need a bigger community building, an outdoor space for BBQ’s and picnics, more sports facilities, a skate park, or all of the above! Feel free to be as creative as you like! We’d love this project to help bring the whole community together in the coming years.

How to get involved…

Head to the ABC:D Facebook group, there’s a picture of the Central Square area that you can download and draw on. So get your colouring pencils out and get sketching! Post a photo of your picture when you’re done!

Not feeling artistic? Feel free to add a comment with your ideas, or send us a direct message. We’d love to hear from you!

Not a Facebook user? You can download the image on this page, make your changes, and email them to

Are you interested in hearing more about our plans in future? Then join our Facebook group:

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22 replies on “Help design the heart of the community!”

Skate park is a big no from us at 56 but definitely a car park area so cars don’t park outside our flat and a area for kids to play securely.

Maybe a bbq area so we can all get together when this is all over

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A large lap area that will include pathways, benches, trees, shrubs, flowers. An area where the community can gather. It will be nice for people who live in the flats to look out onto and would be like a large community garden.
It would be tragic if it was turned into a car park/bus stop, it needs to be an area of nature that the residents will respect and enjoy.

It could even be split into 4 quarters (like Derwenthorpe) where each quarter has a different theme and a central point which joins all the quarters together; just a suggestion

A bandstand in the middle of the area (as a central point) would join the 4 quarters together. It would also be covid secure with it being outside.

It could even incorporate some art (statue, monument, sculpture, etc) and get local schools, youth groups to design/make

I’m thinking this area would be a wonderful space to hold occasional community markets, outdoor community caffe, community events, etc.

I would be more than happy to get involved in any planning activities or just getting involved with this project if needed. I think it’s an excellent opportunity to get residents involved in creating a space that will benefit residents of all ages in Derwenthorpe for years to come.


Thanks for your fantastic ideas Janice! If you’d like to get more involved and perhaps join our regular meetings then drop me an email on and I’ll send you the details. Cheers, Tom


Personally i think you need to be very careful as to what you do actually put there as the energy house already attracts young youths gathering in the doorway on an evening time and if you was to turn it in to some sitting area this will only encourage youths to gather and leave little laying around and also the noise we would have to listen to


Thanks Loraine, I agree it’s important to be careful and find a balance between the needs of the whole community so if you have any ideas of things you’d like to have then let us know. Personally I think it’s a shame that the older kids don’t have somewhere interesting and safe that they can get together. I’m keen to hear everyone’s suggestions on what we can do about that.


I agree the skate park is a big no no kids already use skate boards and scooters on the road and the noise which rises is horrendous. I agree with Lorraine we need to be very careful what is put there, youths do already gather at the energy centre on an evening. It would be nice to have some kind of community garden.


Hi Tom we live on Seebohm Mews overlooking Crescent Park- I would like to suggest that this area be used as a turning point for the bus to go up turnaround and come back down the same street as currently it turns down into Seebohm Mews where there are no pavements / this means that especially in winter parents with young children are having to walk in the mud with bicycles and prawns – the grass gets regularly churned up by cars trying to by pass the bus etc so this creates a safety issue for predestination. I also think a car park would be useful as in phase 1 there is parking but not accessible to the visitors for phase 3 and 4 . I realise that for the flats this could be an eye site however using organic shapes and tree planting this area could be a useful resource to the area- car parking is at a premium and as children of residents mature and purchase cars it will inevitably become more of a pressing issue. Kindest regards Michelle


– and while areas to gather are a nice idea, I do have some concerns as it may become a “hotspot” for antisocial behaviour.


-As well as a bus turning point, it could also provide a place for a safe and sheltered bus stop.
Also as someone who has hosted events at the SSC, parking for visitors is always an issue and creates problems with residents.


You need to be careful as at the moment loads of kids etc are coming from outside of derwenthorpe to this area as it is nice but as everyone knows there has been loads of noise complaints, abuse, eggs thrown at peoples windows etc etc.
Bbq area would derwenthorpe residents be the only people or first to use the area or who ever can use it when? when people leave all there bottles, rubbish all over the place who ends up picking this up, drunken people after wandering around… skate park even more youths hanging around.
I am no means a Debbie downer but it should be for derwenthorpe.

One further comment when issues, repairs etc are needed I am sure it will be our service charge that will pay for it, then our service charge goes up…..


Hi Carl, Thanks for your comments, I share your concerns about anti-social behaviour and it definitely needs some careful thought to get it right. I’d be interested to know what you’d like to see in that space and around the SSC to improve the space.


A community cafe with a combination of some inside and outside seating. Somewhere to go to get breakfast, lunch, bacon sandwiches, coffees etc, can offer takeaway services in lockdowns. If staffed then it means that the area can be kept clean and tidy. Would not encourage antisocial behaviour. As there is already a park area for kids, a place for adults to use would be good. I would value something like this more than a turning point for buses and a car park. Something like this could contribute back to service charges if successful. Perhaps include some space for stalls. There’s a number of people in Derwenthorpe that could make use of that taking it in turns. Even charities doing awareness raising could use that.


Derwenthorpe is in desperate need of more parking spaces. We live on Derwent Way and since the flats have become occupied it’s got worse. It would be great if more parking could be put there and I agree that a turning point for the bus would be a good idea. I agree with Michelle’s comments about a sheltered bus stop and also that as all the children growing up here get older and get their own cars parking will become even more of a problem, so anywhere that extra parking spaces can be added is going to be beneficial. Derwenthorpe definitely doesn’t need to encourage any more areas that will attract more youths. They are already hanging around the SSC and park areas, making noise and causing stress to residents.


Although many proposals have been outlined, the residents from the two blocks of flats are the ones directly affected.
Consideration should be given to tree planting along the boundary to the adjacent Resource Centre compound area to providing screening from their daily activities.
Maybe a rose pergola and a water feature with seating etc. This would create a peaceful and attractive place for all Derwenthorpe residents. ( discussions about sponsorship with a garden centre might provide assistance with the costs. This should ensure resident’s service charges are limited)


Thanks Nick, thanks for your comments. Great idea about partnering with a local company. I agree that the people in the flats need particular consideration as they’re closest to it.


I love the idea of a bandstand! Maybe there might even be the possibility of some open air music one day. It seems important there is parking and a bus shelter but hopefully that’s no reason not to have some trees and areas to meet up outside. A shop/cafe would be fantastic to have on the estate, particularly somewhere selling local produce.


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