Swan Injury

Sadly one of our swans – the adult male – collided with a house earlier today. We called the RSPCA at about 10:20am, and they arrived to collect him at 11am. He’s been taken to a vet. I’ll try to get updates to see how he’s doing. The rest of the family are on the lake right now.

I don’t think anyone saw the collision, but it was heard, and he was found very quickly. He’d hit two storey terrace house, probably in the middle of the first storey, and fallen into the back garden. He was conscious when found, but very subdued, and could not stand. The RSPCA person could not give a prognosis, but found damage to a wing. She also could not find any obvious signs of serious damage, but there may be hidden damage.


Sadly, as reported elsewhere (on Facebook), the swan passed away shortly after arriving at the vets.

2 replies on “Swan Injury”

Thank you Ian for this news.

We hope all is well as the swans are very special.

Best wishes

Marie Derwent Mews



This is so very sad 😢

To anyone interested, the RSPB suggests decals on widows to prevent birds getting confused by reflections (which to them look like loads more sky to fly into). Here is a link to some nice ones on the RSPB site, but plenty of others are available e.g. on Amazon, and simple dots, like those used in hotel windows, are equally effective (thats the reason they are there!). They work by breaking up the reflection just enough for birds to realise that something solid is there.


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