An Evening with the Stars

A star-studded extravaganza for Derwenthorpe’s young astronomers!

Once, on a planet close by, the people who lived in a place called Derwenthorpe, enjoyed three talks on astronomy and several star-gazing evenings. Since then the universe has grown, stars have been born and in March 2020, as part of the Great Covid-19 Lockdown, there was a surge of new interest in astronomy – especially by young people.

So, by popular request Derwenthorpe Residents’ Association -in celestial alignment with the York Astronomical Society- invites you to an evening of exciting astronomy specially aimed at young people and their families. Join us as we Zoom into space, accompanied by local expert astronomers and a chance to learn more about the stars above our own backyard.

The 40 minute programme will include:

  1. ‘Seeing Stars’ – stunning imagery by astronomers in York,
  2. Practical star-gazing in Derwenthorpe – how, where, when,
  3. How telescopes work – how to get started, cheaply,
  4. ‘The Sky at Night’ – Derwenthorpe-style,
  5. The York Observatory – only minutes away at Murton
  6. Looking to the future.

Ideal for all children between the ages of 6 and 103. An evening with the Stars will appear on a Zoom screen on a computer, smartphone or tablet at 7.00pm on Wednesday 25th November. Unlike the stars**, numbers are limited, so to obtain your free Zoom invitation contact David Friend now:

* York Astronomical Society

**Not strictly true, Ed.

The featured image above shows the Galliean moons (of Jupiter). Shot through a cheap telescope from a balcony in Derwenthorpe in May 2018.

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