DPAC/DGG update

Yesterday, we published notice of a DPAC/DGG meeting tomorrow. The emailed copy of the notice included calendar links that -for some people at least- didn’t seem to do anything.

We’ve updated the notice to include links to papers for the meeting. If you visit the web page, you’ll find links to the papers, and calendar files there. Open the calendar files to find the Zoom link.

One reply on “DPAC/DGG update”

Thanks Ian, for circulating all this. Masses of business going on! Confining my interest to solar panels, I note that it’s item 8 on the DGG agenda, meeting start at 7.15. Largely I suppose this is on the agenda for information – we have simply kept JRHT informed and haven’t asked them to take action; but we have had a fair wind of support from both Joanne and Owen. The two things that JRHT will need to do something about are:

(a) as soon as possible do whatever it takes to lift the covenant, e.g. a pre-formed letter saying “yes” to whoever writes to them asking for the covenant to be lifted; (b) plan a response to the question raised by several: “what can we do about charging an EV if our car space is separate from our house?” (see FAQs which have already been circulated to the working group).

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.




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