Derwenthorpe Chatter

Join the Derwenthorpe Chatter WhatsApp group.

Derwenthorpe Chatter WhatsApp Group

The demand for practical support with shopping, prescriptions, etc is being increasingly met through other channels. We’re still here to help any resident who needs this type of support, but we’re also trying to help residents connect with each other. Although lockdown restrictions are being lifted, it’s likely to be a long time before we can freely socialise. And, for those with underlying health conditions, it’s not clear how long they will need to stay at home.   

All residents of Derwenthorpe are welcome to join the Derwenthorpe Chatter WhatsApp group.  It’s a great way during lockdown (and beyond) to easily get in touch with others living in Derwenthorpe.

What’s the group about?

As the group is for residents, what’s discussed will be up to you.  You’ll be able to find out and share information with others on what’s going on in and around Derwenthorpe.  This might be a recommendation of a  local takeaway or shop, a nearby walk you’ve enjoyed, upcoming events, ideas for entertaining your children, a film or TV programme you’ve enjoyed (or hated!) or you just want to know which day your green bin is due to be collected.

There are plans to try an online quiz and if there is sufficient interest in specific topics, separate WhatsApp groups can be created.

How do I join?

Contact us on if you would like to join the WhatsApp group and we’ll send you further details, including information for those who have not used WhatsApp before.  If you have any problems, let us know and we’ll help get you started.  If in the future you decide you no longer wish to participate, it’s easy to remove yourself from the group. 

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