Internet Service

A Derwenthorpe resident has been in touch with Pure Fibre asking about our levels of broadband service recently. Here is their reply.

We are sorry that you have been experiencing slower speeds than normal on the Derwenthorpe network. Unfortunately, since the Government’s closing of schools and advice for all to work from home as much as possible, in common with many other Service Providers, we have seen a consistent, unprecedented level of traffic across the Derwenthorpe network. With home schooling and home working increasingly requiring online access during the day and many more people at home at night rather than out socialising, we have seen a doubling of our normal traffic levels throughout the day. 

With the network between Derwenthorpe and London being of fixed capacity, this has put tremendous strain on the network resources, resulting in saturation of the available capacity. We have therefore had to take measures to ensure that all Derwenthorpe subscribers get as fair and reasonable access to the internet as possible during peak periods.   

We are exploring methods of increasing the capacity to Derwenthopre but this is likely to be challenging as most of the providers are operating skeleton crews offering critical support and not accepting or implementing new orders. We will however continue to engage with suppliers to see if a solution can be found. 

In recognition of the reduced service levels at this challenging time, April bills for our Lightspeed package will reflect a reduced monthly rate of £21.60 for the service.

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