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NowtOn – April 2020

Welcome to the first online only edition of LotsOn: NowtOn. Actually, there are things happening, so take a look.

NowtOn at Derwenthorpe at the moment
Supported by the DRA (the Derwenthorpe Residents’ Association)
& funded by DPAC (the Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee)

Welcome to the first online only edition of LotsOn – the energy centre (aka the SSC) and practically everything else is closed, so there are fewer events to list (you’ll have spotted our jokey re-naming). But it’s already clear that the crisis is bringing out the best in our Derwenthorpe community, with many offers of support to those who need it, and lots of morale-boosting initiatives — which we all need. We’ve made it online only as it didn’t seem right to ask our valiant band of distributors to go door-to-door in current circumstances. It will be updated/added to as time goes on – if you hear anything which should be shared with your neighbours, please let us know, by sending details to the usual address – We hope that we can resume normal service before too long – but it looks like that won’t be for several months.

Some actual events

Coffee Morning at the Burnholme Library isn’t on, so we’ve gone on line, by video chat. Fridays 11am.  Find out how to join in. Bring your own coffee!

Afternoon Tea we’re also doing afternoon tea on Tuesdays, at 3:30. Find out how to join in, Er, bring your own tea!

What’sUp (news)

If you’re reading this, you already know that the new Derwenthorpe Residents’ Association website – is now up and running, with new features to come. This site will allow us to be more responsive to events, and let more people participate. Please let us know if you’d like to be able to post messages here on behalf of the Residents Association, or a community group. Many thanks to Ian Eiloart and Phill Jenkins for all their work on this.

New ‘How to use your house’ guides now available! Some of the features of our homes, such as trickle vents and MVHR systems, are new to many of us. To help, a small group of residents have put together a set of simple non-technical user guides to the more unusual features of our homes. These are based on our experiences and research. While many features of our homes are the same, there are also quite a lot of variations, so you may find differences in your place. However, we hope these guides give you a good starting point. You will find them on the DRA website. We hope to produce printed copies for all residents in due course. We hope other residents will add to the guides over time. Comments or feedback should go to Amanda Potts at

Are you self-isolating because of Coronavirus? Or just worried? The DRA has created a Derwenthorpe Neighbour Support Network on the estate who can help with odd bits of shopping, dog walking, advice on where to get further help, or just a friendly chatIf you need help call us on: 0771 287 2343.

If you want to get involved in providing support then email with your contact details including address. All offers of help welcome!

The following organisations already have trusted volunteers offering help and support – and they are also taking on new volunteers and looking for donations:

  • York Neighbours – Help for over 65s with shopping and practical one-off jobs. Phone 01904-891-627
  • AGE UK York – offer essential services such as “our shopping service, telephone information line, and hospital transport provision.” Phone 01904-634-061
  • NextDoor – ‘the neighbourhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services’. On their interactive map (login required), those in need can easily identify which neighbours have raised a helping hand nearby. Neighbours who are available to help, can indicate on the map making it easy to organise help and support between neighbours in the neighbourhood.
  • City of York Council are looking for volunteers “to help protect the emotional health and physical wellbeing of residents during the coronavirus situation”.
  • In current circumstances, York Food Bank needs support.

Keeping in touch with friends and familyNew to video-calling? The BBC have a reasonably simple guide to using Facebook’s WhatsApp or Apple’s FaceTime
For larger meetings/groups, many people use Zoom – again, there’s a simple guide. And then, we gather (though we’ve had no personal experience of it) there’s HouseParty, described as ‘a face to face social network’.

Some cafes and restaurants, forced to close, have converted to take-awaysThis blog post, by Bec Horner attempts to list them. However, Bec points out that it was compiled on March 21st, and this is a fast-moving scene.  Don’t rely on the information here – check first.  (By the way, Osbaldwick Fisheries has decided to close to protect its staff; they will post any updates on their new Facebook site.

Some useful contacts.

Derwenthorpe Residents’
Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust0800-587-0211
Benefits advice:
Neighbourhood Services Office: or 01904-752-921 
On the DRA web site:
David Wilson Homes01904-617-660  Out-of-hours (emergencies): 0845-601-6085
Veolia (heating, hot water faults)0345-078-1154
On the DRA web site:
Pure Fibre (Internet, phone)0330-808-2003 To check network status:
On the DRA web site:
Police101 (in emergency: 999)
NHS 111 (in emergency: 999)
Contacts list

Why not download, and print this list. Just in case.

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Dear Ian

Thanks for your work on this. I did subscribe to receive the blog posts but don’t recall being asked to set a password. Anyway, alas, at the moment I can’t read it but will in due course return to the web-site and see if it gives me the chance to set a password.




Hi Nick,

Oh, sorry. I guess I didn’t realise the blog would be sending notifications for password protected pages. It’s a draft for the LotsOn team at the moment, so not yet intended for public consumption. Thanks for letting us know, though. I think we’ll have to adjust our workflow!


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