Broadband reliability

Read about the plans to improve our Internet and phones reliability.

We know the broadband has been unreliable since, well… forever. That should change soon. The problem has been that the service relies on a single fibre that runs from the estate to London. If it gets cut at any point on the route, we lose service. If they need to do maintenance at either end of the route, we lose service.

Pure Fibre are working to fix this. They have commissioned a second line to London. The line will be provided by OpenReach, and the service by SSE. Pure Fibre will remain our service provider. In normal operation, this will provide Derwenthorpe with twice the bandwidth. If either line is cut, or otherwise unavailable, then the remaining line will be able to carry all the traffic.

The line requires a short dig on Fifth Avenue/Derwent way. This is due to happen on 30 March. In fact, it will be a tunnel under the school entrance, to the edge of the estate. Fibre should be run through the tunnel, and connected at either end. Then OpenReach will need to enable the service – and that might not happen that day.

I’m a bit nervous that this dig might not happen, due to the coronavirus problem. But I’ve emphasised the importance to both JRHT, and Pure Fibre. And telecoms is recognised as essential to the nation during this crisis, so fingers crossed, we should soon have a more capable service available 365 days a year.

How reliable will it be? Well, if the first route is 98% reliable (that seems to be about the right figure), and the second route is also 98% reliable, then the combined facility should give (1 – .02 x .02) x 100 = 99.96% reliability. That should mean less than four hours downtime in a year.

We’ll keep you updated.

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