Covid-19: We’ve set up the “Derwenthorpe Neighbour Support Network” to safely help residents who may be isolated or worried.

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August-September LotsOn In Lockdown

Click the link to see the August-September LotsOn In Lockdown, which should be coming through your letterbox over the coming few days. There’s a lot more going on than we expected and space was tight in this issue. Hoping there’s something for you; if not please let us know in the comments below what you’d […]

Towards Zero-Carbon

Here is a link to the first edition of St Nicks’ monthly updates on the topic of zero carbon. St Nicks is here to help on your zero carbon journey by inspiring you to act on climate in whichever form you can. 

Water bird gallery

We’ve published a guide to birds that you might see on our lakes. There are quite a few different diving ducks, for example. Visit the web site to see more. If you’ve got some nice photos that you’d like us to put on the web site, please let us know. We’d love to get some […]

DPAC/DGG update

Yesterday, we published notice of a DPAC/DGG meeting tomorrow. The emailed copy of the notice included calendar links that -for some people at least- didn’t seem to do anything. We’ve updated the notice to include links to papers for the meeting. If you visit the web page, you’ll find links to the papers, and calendar […]

DPAC/DGG meet Wednesday

Derwenthorpe Partnership Advisory Committee (DPAC), and the Derwenthorpe Governing Group (DGG) will meet on Wednesday 22 July 2020, at 6pm, and 7:15pm respectively. Both are public meetings, and will be held on Zoom. Everyone is invited to attend (subject to Zoom’s 100 device limit). Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 975 1685 0971Passcode: 374767 Download these […]

Play park open

JRHT have reopened the play park. Earlier today, we had an email saying: …JRHT have decided to open up the KidsZone play park from Monday 6 July. The park will be open as usual from 9am – 7pm, 7 days per week. We kindly ask that all park users abide by government guidance during these […]

Letters From Joseph Rowntree’s Women

Here’s a link to an interesting article from the Yorkshire Post. New insights into the domestic life of “one of Britain’s greatest and most interesting philanthropist”, Joseph Rowntree, and his Yorkshire family, have been revealed in letters written by the women closest to him.

Derwenthorpe Solar Panels Project Update

Since we put a small item in the most recent LotsOn (late May) we have had 20+ households say they are interested in a group scheme to purchase solar panels, hopefully at a discount. That’s not the end of the story! We hope that many more Derwenthorpe residents will choose to take part – the […]